You are popular here in the states also

Een maat uit New York mailt me dit net:

I was over my friends house, and his son who is 16, has a few of his friends over and they are hangin out in the kitchen looking at a lap top. So we are on the same page here, his one friend is half Dutch. So I walk in the kitchen to get a beer and I notice they are watching a car film and it was not in English. I asked Victor he was the Dutch guy.What are you watching? he says a web site called Autoblog and it was the Ford Focus film. I said WHAT HOLY SHIT ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Victor says no Why, I log onto to website all the time. I said the person who does all the camera work is a very good friend of mine. Victor said you know Ruben Baeten? I said yep and I see him every year, he says WOW thats fuckin cool, yea so I guess you are popular here in the states also:-)

2 Reacties to “You are popular here in the states also”

  1. autoblogger :

    Dat is toch geen verrassing hoop ik? 😉

  2. vla :

    FLD haalt soms zelfs nieuws van jullie site hoor!

    En nu staat vlaatje ook solo in het “Reacties” hokje! :mrgreen:

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